Bhramari Brewing Company Team

Gary Sernack

Director of Brewing Operations/Founder

​​Gary honed his culinary skills by attending Johnson and Wales Denver and spent the next ten years working in fine dining establishments from San Francisco to New York City, and finally to Asheville. He started home-brewing in San Francisco and has been building a cache of core recipes since. Gary brings local and novel ingredients together to produce whimsical but approachable, culinary inspired beers.  After more than five years as Bhramari's brewery creative lead, Gary continues to push the envelope of flavor and style with a continuous rotation of specialty beers as well well as impeccably brewed traditional styles.

Joshua Dillard

Executive Chef/Founder

Josh started his culinary journey in Chicago at Le’ Cordon Bleu culinary arts school. After graduating, he moved to Asheville, NC and worked for the Biltmore Forest Country Club then moved on to Zambra Restaurant where he spent seven years helping transform it into an American contemporary small plate restaurant. Beyond food and restaurants Josh believes in community, locality, and our environment. He puts these into practice by reducing waste in his kitchens, supporting community causes, and cultivating relationships with local farmers.