In the Bowl Can

“Buzz in the Honeycomb”

Honey, Bergamot, & Coriander

Bright honey w/ floral undertones

100+ Hours Burntime $30


Bumblestick Can

“You Enjoy my Pumpkin”

Pumpkin, Nutmeg, & Cinnamon

PSL anyone?

100+ Hours Burntime $30


Wake the F*** Up Can

“So Have a Cup of Coffee 

& Catch your Breath”

Coffee, Hazelnut, & Vanilla

70+ Hours Burntime $22


Basa Basa Can

“Big Cypress”

Eucalyptus & Mint

Pine-y, definitely your next holidy can-dle

100+ Hours Burntime $30


Neon Ghosts Can

“Loving Cup”

Amber, Cedar, & Mandarin

Warm & earthy w/ a hint of citrus

70+ Hours Burntime $22


Lorelai Can

"Float Upon the Waves"

Sea Salt & Jasmine

70+ Hours Burntime $22


Ascension Theory

“Sugar Shack”

Pineapple & Sage

Fruity & Clean

100+ Hour Burn Time $30


Molly's Lips


Hemp & Orange Blossom

Floral & Bright



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