Barrel-aged Series

She’s been waiting for you…Rich mahogany hues promise something smooth and seductive, while amorous aromas of oak and cocoa whisper to come nearer in this Barrel Aged Dark Sour Larger. Every sip waits to be savored for its sophisticated complexity, every acidic note balanced by a mature malt body full of flavors of dark chocolate, cherry and a nuanced bourbon bewitchment of vanilla and oak.

No need to rush this one, relinquish all control and take time for your taste buds to fully delight in this beguiling brew.

Cosmic Apotheosis

*A Collaboration with White Labs Asheville*

Bourbon barrel fermented & aged Double Brett IPA. Dry-hopped with Mosaic, Citra, Idaho 7, & Blanc. 

Agua Mala​​​​​​​​

In Spanish, “Agua Mala” means “Bad Water”, and is a commonly used slang phrase to describe one of nature’s most deadly creatures, the Portuguese Man of War. Aptly named, what lives in this bottle can be considered just as dangerous. Born from the dark menacing depths of our brewer’s mind comes “Agua Mala” innocent, tropical fruit forward American IPA turned deliciously wicked by aging six months in oak tequila barrels and then dry-hopped with Mosaic, Azacca, El Dorado, and Simcoe for just a little extra bit of depravity. Be careful, this complex beast drifts beautifully with notes of watermelon and honey, but darkness lurks just beneath the surface...where gripping tendrils of resinous wood and spice wait to wrap you in its deathly grip and finish you. 

Danger lurks in every sip, so pray you have the strength to survive this "Agua Mala".